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“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls” – Joseph Campbell

The name Lea (h) is of Hebrew origin and means ‘lioness’. The Assyrian meaning is a ruler. For us, Lea is a term for the strength that is found in all hearts.

Our source of inspiration for the bracelet is Lea Raymond. She is from a Danish Jewish background. Lea was one of the organizers of the peace festival “Salaam Shalom” for Jews and Muslims. For us, Lea is the symbol of feminine power and bridging across cultures.

As with most all of our jewelry, it is in a timeless and elegant design that is perfect for both everyday wear and parties.

Product details: 925 sterling silver, the international standard for silver of the highest quality. The bracelet is double-plated in 18-carat gold. Adjustable Chain length: 15cm-19cm. The bracelet is also available in 14 carat gold – see under Fine Jewellery.

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