Ancient Mesopotamia was in the Middle East and is known as the ‘cradle of civilisation’. 4,000 years ago, it was also the cradle of some of the world’s most beautiful crafts – and the world’s most skilled jewelry.

Jewelry had deep religious significance for the Mesopotamians and was closely associated with their myths. They paired the planets of the sky with gemstones, and inspired the idea of the birthstones we know today. The dead were buried with jewels as gifts to the Gods, gifts that thousands of years later told us the story of our ancestors. And they gave us a deeper understanding of astronomy, astrology, religion and science. In this collection, we pay tribute to the Mesopotamians – a pioneering people who lifted us all into a more modern age.


We are dedicated to our common history and promise to protect and share the world’s common human cultural treasures and the wisdom of our ancestor’s lives.

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