About Bosphorus

Bosphorus takes its name from the bridge in Istanbul, which is the only place in the world that connects two continents – Asia and Europe. The logo is designed with inspiration from Middle Eastern geometric art that meets a modern human with the narrative of what will connect us forever. Our common heritage from a mythical culture and universal love of aesthetics.

Bosphorus is a beautiful craft carried forward by time. It is a new design with an archaeological core and with a view to sustainable social entrepreneurship. The application of geometry was considered to reflect the language of the universe. A magical language we can share when we see our differences as gifts filled with wisdom.

The founder
My name is Ayse. Maybe my passion for building bridges between people comes from my Turkish-Kurdish background and as a Dane. Or it comes from my personal voice. Or the fact that curiosity is a deep and genuine human trait that has little to do with me.

I believe that the world needs more people to become aware of all that connects us, more than what separates us. The inspiration is a fragment of our common history and cultural heritage from our common humanity. If we go back we are formed of the same substance. Same wishes. Same spirit.

After taking a master’s degree in HR from Copenhagen Business School and Business coaching education, I realized that I had to create jewelry with the stories and messages that I am so passionate about. With Bosphorus, my jewelry got a voice. Bosphorus is not just a bridge between continents and cultures; Bosphorus builds a bridge between the past and the future. In the most beautiful way, I know.

Welcome to my universe.