The founder 

Having a Master´s degree in HR from Copenhagen Business School and a Master’s degree in Business Coaching, as well as a combination of Kurdish-Turkish background and Danish upbringing, my life experience has always been about building bridges between people. 

The name Bosphorus comes from the Bridge in Istanbul, which is the only place in the world that connects two continents – Asia and Europe. To me, it is a symbol of bringing worlds together, and of learning to see our differences as gifts. A pearl of unique wisdom arises when we meet in the middle of the bridge. 

The Bosphorus logo is designed from the inspiration from Eastern geometrical art. The use of geometry was thought to reflect the language of the universe and to help guide through the transition of life in its eternity. 

The inspiration for the pieces of jewelry comes from patterns from our common heritage. For me, every inspiration in Bosphorus is derived from our common heritage as humans.