The cultural heritage offers a sense of history and a way for us to understand the lives of our ancestors. Inheritance is not just about the past. It symbolizes how people think of themselves and look at others in the past as well as today. In that sense, cultural heritage teaches us tolerance, respect for diversity and helps us all live in a more humane world.

Bosphorus values ​​are closely linked to the protection of the world’s common human and cultural treasures and wisdom in the lives of our ancestors. It is beliefs, traditions and mythology that speak to the deep and universal in all of us. The world’s most important places, works of art and treasures are based on these beliefs and traditions. Through archeology, we are constantly getting closer to the proof that we are all the same.

The Bosphorus is not just a bridge between continents and cultures; Bosphorus builds a bridge between the past and the future. It symbolizes the wisdom of the past that we can take with us into the future. Our inspiration for the jewelry is a fragment of our common history and cultural heritage from our common humanity.