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Bosphorus comes with a strong wish to build bridges between cultures all over the world. We believe that each day, the world becomes a better place when we meet with people different from ourselves.

Our products are created in an ethical way with concern for our employees and the environment. We contribute to a better environment by using FSC®-certified eco-friendly packaging.

Currently, we support local enthusiasts who make a positive difference in the world by bringing people together. Our main goal is to expand and support enthusiasts, organizations, and projects that work for cross-cultural peace and understanding - All over the world.

Again, this year, Bosphorus was a sponsor of the grassroots organizations WeAct ( peace festival Salaam & Shalom. The atmosphere highlighted the Bosphorus message of building bridges in a diverse group of people with different beliefs and cultural backgrounds. We will continue our support the peace festival in the future.


What we do matters Our vision is to build bridges between peoples and cultures. Everything we do, including our products, is done in support of...

The jewelry workshop in Istanbul

Visiting our jewelry workshop in magical Istanbul. The Jewelry mall is a huge place where unique shops and artisans specialize in different stages of the...

The Peace festival Salam and Shalom

The Peace festival Salam and Shalom was held on sunday 26th. August 2018 and again this year Bosphorus was a sponsor of the festival. Salaam &...